Fix for “internal error” connecting with RDP

The windows remote desktop has stopped working for me for a couple of days, and at the same time FIFA 17 was not launching either, but crashing at the language select screen. I never thought they’d be the same issue, until I fixed one and the other was also magically fixed!

The symptom was that, when clicking “connect”, the following error message popped up “An internal error occurred.”. Sometimes instead of the error message, it stuck at “initiating remote desktop connection”. Then I launched Ubuntu in a virtual machine, and I could connect to the remote desktop using a client in Ubuntu. Another thing I noticed is that, on my Windows, when I chose to connect to a target that did not exist, it still got the same error or simply stuck. This means two things:

  1. The remote server is working
  2. The connection is working

So I started to look on the internet and eventually I found this fix:

netsh winsock reset all

Now everything is working. Cheers!