Windows 10 update KB3201845 causes disk usage issue

2 days ago, my girlfriend was playing World of Warcraft on my desktop computer which had just applied a new Windows 10 update, and she told me my computer was super laggy, and after restarted the computer a few times it did not get any better. So I took a look.

Process System was apparently accessing my disk like no tomorrow. Then I opened Resource Monitor to find out what files was it really working with. And it turned out to be something I had never seen:

C:\Windows\Temp\WPR_initiated_DiagTrackAotLogger_WPR System Collector.etl

And what is WPR exactly? After some search on Google, I found that it stands for Windows Performance Recorder, and its purpose , as it claims, is to track the performance and the resources consumption of a computer. Such thing should be used to help improve the performance, but funny enough, it made my computer barely usable. (link)

I kept searching, and finally I found temporary solution, but a solution nonetheless. (link)

wpr -cancel

I wrapped it into a .bat file, and told my girlfriend to execute it as admin should it happen again.

Things weren’t done yet. Yesterday my laptop received windows update as well, the same issue appeared. So I have become certain that something in this update was awfully wrong. Although thanks to the SSD, my laptop was still quite responsive, this shall not be tolerated. And I searched on Google again, and this time, I noticed many more users are suffering from the same issue than I did it the first time. And under the post I found the temporary solution, I found the ultimate fix (hopefully):

Go to All settings -> Privacy -> Feedback & diagnostics
change “Send your data to Microsoft” to Basic/Enhanced

I noticed significant change with my disk usage when I switched to Basic.